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Do Your People Look Tired?

It’s not fun to see tired people show up for work. They don’t have to call sick to demonstrate how tired they are. Often, just looking at them is proof enough.

There are many reasons why people look and act (and feel) tired. In this article, we look at 3 of the most important reasons for low energy and motivation for work. 

1) Physical Inactivity

The first and the obvious reason is lack of physical activity, preferably activity that involves the whole body. While you can always encourage your employees to get exercise (even provide incentives, by giving them discounted gym membership, for example) it’s even better if you create a physically active work environment where people are encouraged to move.

Encourage the habit of walking up to another in-office person instead of calling them on the phone. Hold your weekly meetings in a place where people have to walk a bit to attend. Incorporate some fun activities in your meetings and joint sessions where people have to move. Conduct some of your monthly or quarterly meetings in an open park and encourage people to bring their family and friends. 

2) Negative Thought Pattern

The second reason for low energy is negative habitual thought pattern. Nothing sucks energy from a person more quickly than a negative thought that’s thought over and over again. Thoughts produce emotions. Negative thoughts produce negative emotions. Positive thoughts produce positive emotions. 

There is power - the effortless power, not the “lightning-and-thunderbolt” kind of power - in positive emotions. A simple way to say this is: When we feel good we are effortlessly productive, when we feel bad, we are not.

Encourage your people to always look on the bright side of every situation, no matter how hopeless it may seem. Also work to infuse a sense of upbeat, positive tone in your work environment. Encourage your people to immerse themselves in inspiring and uplifting media: books, audio, video and the like. You may even create a formal or informal reward system where people with positive ideas and attitude are publicly recognized for those attributes. 

3) Hard-wired-ness for a Different Job

The third and perhaps the most important reason for low energy in your people is that they are doing a job that’s unnatural to them. This one is hard to detect, especially when the person in question is highly qualified for her position. Unfortunately, our society and family pressures often compel us to pursue professions that are not well-suited to our natural gifts and inclinations. So people who look great on resume could be very wrong for the job they are doing. 

What’s the solution? Put them through some personality assessments, preferably before you hire them, that will tell you if your people are well-suited for the job they were hired to do. Careful though! If you use personality assessments after the job interview, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. People that you fall in love with in the job interview may very well turn out to be the wrong people for the job after the assessment. That’s why, it’s a great idea to use such assessments well before they show up for the job interview. 

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