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A Story of Your Business

A Story of Your Business
By Bhavesh Naik

You set out to build a business,
You had dreamt it in your dreams;
So much of it came true,
But so much didn’t, it seems.

You wanted to be your own boss,
A thought you thought was noble;
But your clients are now your new boss,
See what you got for your troubles.

Money, you thought, would be your friend,
And that your net income would double;
But all you got was worry and worry,
About sales, cash-flow and receivables.

You wanted to change the world, you said,
Like a loud clap of thunder;
All you got was a gig instead,
That you hoped wouldn’t go under.

Nothing is lost, my friend, I say,
As long as you’ve learned your lessons;
You can still build the business you dreamt in your dreams,
But this time, do it without the hassles.

Business-building is a sport, I say,
Don’t think it’s something intellectual;
What you need is a place to practice,
So you can master it for real.

A coach, some friends, a kick in the pants,
If that’s what you think is needed;
Best practices and principles
With which others have succeeded.

That’s all you need, and you have it now
In 360 Business Club;
A Business Building and Support System
To make your business go rub-a-dub-dub.

Give us your heart, your mind and your soul,
And you will discover now;
That business-building is a simple game
That could be mastered; you just need to know how.


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