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What's More Important: Partial Failure or Complete Failure?

This article argues that “a partial failure of a business is more valuable than a complete failure.”

I disagree. I think both types of failing experiences are enormously valuable in the lessons they teach us. In fact, complete failures have a better learning value as it gives a sense of “closure” that allows us a deeper, detached, more objective introspection into the failure.

What’s more important to me though is that often we don’t know whether we are failing or succeeding in our business. And that for a very simple reason: we have not defined what “success” looks like for our business. In fact, we often avoid the exercise just so that we can avoid the possibility of having to face a failure.


What does success look, sound, feel like for you? Will you know when you have succeeded? Do you know if you are succeeding or failing?

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