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Subservient Trainer?

As a trainer in the corporate environment, I often encounter mistakes business leaders make in training their people. This is my compilation of 11 of the most severe of such mistakes. My apologies in advance if I come off sounding blunt. I believe this is one of those times when the best way to break the news is to tell it like it is.

3. Viewing the Trainer as Subservient to You

You can’t hire someone to train you and your people when you think you know more about the subject than the trainer. You also need to have some respect for the trainer and show it. If you don’t, your people won’t either. And guess what will happen to the effectiveness of the training?

You, the leader, need to be the most enthusiastic supporter of the trainer. If you can’t find it within you to do that, you need to find a new trainer for whom you can. If you can’t find ANY trainer out there who you can respect and trust, you either need to intensify your search or take a hard, close look at - guess who - you. 

You see, no one in the world knows everything. If you can’t find anyone who knows more than you, you are setting yourself up for quite a rude awakening. Think of it this way. How successful would you be at learning how to ski if you thought that you knew more about skiing than the instructor? How about golf? Tennis?

This seems like such common-sense that it seems strange even to be bringing it up. Yet, I’ve seen quite a few CEOs with overblown egos who get quite nervous when things in the classroom don’t seems to be going their way. Sometimes they react by jumping in and taking control of the teachings, the message and the trainer, undermining the credibility of the trainer, not to mention their own. (After all, it’s them who invited the trainer in, didn’t they?)

Here’s the full list of such mistakes I have covered in the past and will cover in the coming weeks. In the mean time, please let me know (bhavesh@ambica.net) if you have thoughts or experiences to share on the topic. 

3. View the Trainer as Subservient to You.

4. Training is Conducted to Fix the Hiring Mistakes.

5. Wrong Training is Delivered to Wrong People.

6. Putting an Underperformer in Training and Hoping that She will Outperform Your Top Producer.

7. Expecting a “Graduation Date” for Your Training Efforts. Certificate Mentality Versus Learning Mentality.

8. Putting All Your Money in Technical or Skills Training Versus Human Side of Training.

9. Ignoring Doing a Return On Analysis on Any Training You Invest In.

10. View Training as a Commodity.

11. Expecting Training to be Easy and Comfortable. 

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