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"I am Above Training"

2. Thinking “Training is for My People, Not for Me.” Or “I am ‘Above’ Training; It’s for My People.”

REMINDER:This article is written as an opinion and should be taken as such. The black-and-white polarization is to make a point or perhaps my poor attempt at injecting some dark humor into the subject. If you find yourself getting upset while reading, just pretend it was meant for someone else. :)

I’ve been experimenting with a new format for writing this article.There are 11 training mistakes I have compiled in my experience as a trainer. However, instead of writing about all of them at once, I will write them one at a time. But, I will share the whole list with each article.


“Training is for my people, not for me” is faulty logic for two reasons: 1) lack of management buy-in causes lack of commitment and buy-in for training, 2) it’s an indirect put-down of the people (“I am better than you”) who work for you. I bow to the humility of Presidents, CEO’s and Business Owners who attendtraining WITH their people. And there are many such leaders whom I have worked with.
On the other hand, nothing frustrates me more than the Presidents who tell me that they will send  “so and so” but they won’t be coming to training. Here’s a rule of thumb: don’t commit to the training that you are not willing to go through yourself or have not gone through yourself.

Yes, Mr. President, you are very busy. (Perhaps you should take the class on delegation first.) And yes, you often don’t have the time. I am not asking you to spend the same amount of time that the other people in your organization will be spending. What I am saying is that in you need to be as familiar as possible with the training that your people will be going through and go through some of it, very little of it perhaps, yourself the way your folks will.

If you can’t do this, take my advise, save your money and stop sending your people to training classes. Without a commitment from you, you will only be wasting your money.

Here is the whole list:

2. Thinking “Training is for My People, Not for Me.” Or “I am ‘Above’ Training; It’s for My People.”

3. Viewing Trainer as Subservient to You.

4. Training is Conducted to Fix the Hiring Mistakes.

5. Wrong Training is Delivered to Wrong People.

6. Putting an Underperformer in Training and Hoping that She will Outperform Your Top Producer.

7. Expecting a “Graduation Date” for Your Training Efforts. Certificate Mentality Versus Learning Mentality.

8. Putting All Your Money in Technical or Skills Training Versus Human Side of Training.

9. Ignoring Doing a Return On Analysis on Any Training You Invest In.

10. Viewing Training as a Commodity. 

11. Expecting Training to be Easy and Comfortable.

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