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What's Enlightenment?

Often we progress in our self development far enough that we begin to think that we are “enlightened” like Jesus, Buddha or Krishna. But we are not there, yet.

It’s one thing to “think” that we are enlightened and another to “know” that we are or to live enlightenment.

One of the things that Enlightenment implies is that we have truly transcenceded our unconscious beliefs; in fact we have no unconscious beliefs. And once we have achieved that state, they either don’t form or if they do, they dissolve quickly.

Sure, we will have conscious beliefs that we form because we need them to function in the world.

Enlightenment also means that we will have “answers” to the following questions, and more questions like them. To the point where we have no need to ask these questions. Not intellectual answers but a deep, experiential “knowing” of the anwers:

  • How is it possible for the One to exist without there being Another?
  • What was there before the Big Bang? If there was Nothing, how did Everything come out of Nothing? If Everything came out of nothing, how could Nothing be Nothing? It must be Everything!
  • Why do we exist? Is it possible NOT to exist? What is existence?

In the end, the Enlightened Ones have to live with the fact that language, even thought, cannot explain the Truths that they know. Because thoughts exist only in the dual universe, not in the Oneness where the truths come from. They can only live that truth.

This is why the Enlightened Ones don’t talk much about enlightenment. It’s not something to talk about. It’s to live it. You can try, but never will be able fully explain yourself.

And they don’t feel the frustration of not being able to express the Truths they know. :-)

Often we think we think we have become “enlightened.” More often than not, the enlightenment that’s being referred to here is more like constantly living in the Present - called Samadhi is Sanskrit (an ancient language from India.)

Or being permanently in a transcendent (meditative) state. This is a skill and the more we stay in that state, the more joy we feel. The more connected we become to the One. The more One we become, that is.

Yet, this is a practice on the way to enlightenment, not enlightenment itself.

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