TRUE or FALSE (For Your Business): “Our marketing material inspires me.”
Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 03:56PM
by Bhavesh Naik in 3. Identity, 4. Strategy, Branding, Identity, Marketing, Message Creation

What happens when our Marketing Materials - the website, the flyers, the brochures, the leave-behinds - do not inspire us?

Well, think of it this way, if our own marketing material does not inspire us - moves us emotionally - what are the chances that they will inspire our prospective clients?

The faculty us humans have been given to make decisions is not intellect; it’s emotion. We make buying decisions emotionally and justify them intellectually.

If our marketing materials don’t inspire us, the probability that our prospects  will do business with us goes down - dramatically.

Who Wrote My Marketing Piece? 

There is a very simple reason why our own marketing material does not inspire us: It Was Written By Someone Else!

Or you did not think deep and hard about the core Message that you want your prospects to hear. The thinking may have been done by an outsider, an advertising agency, for example.

You see, there is simple law of business success we are violating when we let the outsiders do our thinking for us. It is this: clear intentions produce clear results. The opposite is also true: unclear intentions produce unclear results.

As hard as it may be, we must be clear about our products and services inside our own heads, not in the heads of an ad agency or a consultant!

More specifically, we need to be clear about three things: 1) what business we are in, 2) what our customers get, specifically and precisely, by doing business with us, and 3) what makes us different from our competitions’ products and services.

The more clearly and precisely we can answer these questions with conviction, the clearer our results will be. The more clear we are about these three questions, the higher our sales will be and the higher we will be able to charge for our products and services. This will show up on our financial statements as revenues and profits.

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