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Your Business is Your Best Marketing Tool

Someone said, "what you are speaks to me so loudly that I can't hear what you are saying." This is true in business, too. What we communicate to customers by our actions and our presence is so much more powerful than what we say in our marketing.

How many times you have seen an advertisement of a business but your experience with them was nothing like what the advertisement claimed? Think about your business. Could your business also be disappointing your customers?

For most of us, the simple reason for such disappointment is not that we deliberately want to deceive or mislead people - although that's the impression people get. More likely, it's because we just have not figured out what we want to communicate to the people through our business activities. What we want the people to perceive of us. What kind of experience we want them to have in working with us.

When we figure it out, following through and making it happen is just details. And the results on the word- of-mouth marketing and repeat business can be dramatic.

What should you be communicating to your market? Not just in words, pictures or sounds but also in EXPERIENCE in working with you, in interacting with you, in perceiving you? Attend our upcoming seminar, Jump Start Your Business Brain, on Wednesday May 25, 2005. To register, send an e-mail to bhavesh@ambica.net with register in the subject line.

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