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We EXCEED our sales and revenue expectations every month, month after month: True or False (for your business)?

If you think about it, there are only five reasons why you would not be exceeding your sales goals consistently and five corresponding ways - or PATHS -to make sure that you do.

FIRST PATH You don’t have the RIGHT prospects in your “sales pipeline.” The key component of attracting the RIGHT kinds of prospects to our business is your MESSAGE. This is a “blind spot” that trips even the savviest of businesses. The right message will attract the right kind of prospects. The WRONG message will attract the WRONG kinds of prospects - who will waste your time, your energy and your efforts. The most fundamental of all the messages is a 10-word slogan or a 10-second commercial. Is your 10-second commercial or a 10-word slogan targeting your ideal prospect? I have written tons of stuff on how to create your business’ core message. Follow the QuickLink “Want to Jump Start Your Business? STOP Marketing” on the right hand side bar for more.

SECOND PATH You don’t have enough number of opportunities in your sales pipeline. Two reasons for this to happen: 1) your message does not GRAB your audience, 2) lack of sufficient and consistent ACTIVITIES from you that will enforce and re-enforce your the message to your market. Having a strong message is important. Yet, once you have it, you must reinforce it to your target market often and in different ways. For most businesses, an ideal number of “channels” to send your message across to your target market is somewhere between 5 and 7. What are your channels? How consistently are your using them to reach your audience? Do you track their effectiveness?

THIRD PATH Your deals are taking too long to close. Volumes have been written on this subject and millions of dollars get spent on fixing this issue by businesses. There is only one problem: all the stuff that gets taught on the subject fundamentally encourages behavior that makes sales people look, smell or sound “salesy.” Since people have a very negative impression of “salespeople” and of “being sold,” they have developed their own “system” for dealing with salespeople - “Buying System. Perfected over thousands of years of history, their Buying System is superior to any Selling System taught today, making most of them ineffective. Look for Jack Hauber’s Sales Meeting Minutes for tips on how to “sell without being a salesperson.” Is your selling approach making you seem “salesy?” How can you change it?

FOURTH PATH Too many good opportunities are slipping through your fingers. Fundamentally, this happens because most Selling Systems approch prospects intellectually, totally forgetting the fact that the prospect is a human being with emotions. Buying decisions are never made intellectually; they are made emotionally and then justified intellectually. If you are not engaging the emotions of your prospects, your relationship, and your ability to sell to your prospects is a fraction of what it could be. How can you uncover the emotional reasons for prospects to buy your products or services?

FIFTH PATH You are not getting the price for your products or your services that you deserve. Pricing issue comes up at two points in your relationship with your prospect 1) before they ever set foot in the door and 2) when you are about close the deal. A good marketing message sets you apart from your competition and as a result creates the perception of “monopoly” in the minds of your prospects. As a result, a good message pre- conditions your prospects to pay high price for your products or services. A good selling approach makes the price point AND the competition IRRELEVANT by - emotionally - helping them see you as the only solution to their challenges, aspirations and dreams. What are your strategies for getting paid the amount that you deserve from your prospects?


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