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"Our 'sales cycles' are short and efficient; our prospects make quick decisions.": True or False (for your business)

There are FOUR reasons why it takes too long for us to close a piece of business. And there are FOUR corresponding ways - PATHS - to fix this problem, once and for all.

Your company’s MESSAGE is not attracting your IDEAL prospects. If you are attracting the wrong prospects in the first place, you are wasting your time, energy and money. How do you define an ideal prospect? Ask yourself the following questions: Whose problems am I solving? What kinds of businesses? What kinds of people? Business owners? Presidents? CFOs? CIO? VP’s of Sales? How important is it for these people to solve the particular problems my business addresses? Would they have the authority to spend the money on my products or services? Are they the final decision makers? Who else would get involved in making the final decision? For more on creating a MESSAGE follow the link “Want to Jump Start Your Sales? STOP Marketing!”

SECOND PATH Your selling process or method is not designed to address the emotional side of your prospects. People buy emotionally. They only justify their decisions intellectually. How do you elicit an emotional response - a compelling reason to buy your products or services - in your sales process? What kinds of questions do you ask? How do you make sure that as you bring out the emotions of your prospects, they work FOR you and not against you?

THIRD PATH You or your salespeople are not making it clear to their prospects that they are expected to make a decision at some point and that either NO or YES is okay. This is what sets a peddler apart from a professional. If you see yourself as a professional, your will make it a point to help your prospects come to a decision - whether FOR your products or services or AGAINST them. If you approach selling this way, you will get the respect and trust you deserve from your prospects.

FOURTH PATH You are waiting too long to uncover pricing objections and “negotiating” in the end when you have lost all your power to negotiate. In a nutshell, if you are waiting for the pricing until after you have presented your solutions or the features and benefits of your products, you have waited too long. By uncovering the prospect’s money tolerance before presenting, you will save yourselves a lot of time. You will also be able to present more appropriate solutions within price range. How do you make sure that you get necessary budget information from your prospects before presenting your solutions? What questions could you ask them?

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