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"Our prospects pay our HIGH prices without complaints": True or False (for your business)?

There are two stages in the buying process where your prospective customers will think of the price as an issue. First is BEFORE they meet you face to face, while being exposed to your business and its message in some form. At this stage, pricing will become an issue if you are easily comparable to your competition?s products are services. If you want to make the pricing issue irrelevant, you must be Dramatically Different from your competitor?s offerings.

Answer this simple question: what’s ONE thing that your business does that no one in the world can as well as you do.

The answers may not come quickly, but the question will get you thinking. The answers to this question is key to finding out your Dramatic Difference. Once you know your dramatic difference, all you have to do is build it into your marketing literature and in your conversations with prospects.

For more on incoporporating Dramatic Difference in your marketing and selling, click here.

The second stage is when they are about to do business with you ? in the selling process. A typical problem at this stage is that the selling process is intellectually driven. People buy emotionally first, then they back up that decision with intellectual rationale. If you are not addressing the emotional needs of your prospects in your selling process, you will face pricing fights. To find your prospects’ emotional reasons for doing business with you, ask gentle yet probing questions about their issues, challenges and problems while looking for signs that the prospect is emotionally involved with the problems or situations he is facing.


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