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Confusion is NOT a Good Marketing Strategy

The more you tell, the more you sell, right? WRONG! More ?marketing? does not necessarily mean more business. Actually, overcommunicating the wrong messages can backfire on you and damage your business.

You see, whatever your marketing message is, it has a cumulative effect on the minds of the prospective buyers. When your prospective customer sees different messages from you at different times, she gets confused. A typical response from the market to a confusing message is --- nothing. They don?t respond at all.

For most of us, no response is worse than a wrong response. That?s why, it?s extremely important for you to have a clear, cohesive message that you reinforce - often and through different media.

How do we know if are confusing the market or not? Well, here?s a quick test. On a scale of 0 to 10, write down how clear you are about what your business does for your market? Be honest now. If you wrote down anything less 9, chances are you are sending conflicting, confusing messages to your market.

It?s simple, really. Our market needs to hear a crystal clear message from us about what we can do for them. This can be done only if, before anything else, we, ourselves, are crystal clear about what we do for them.

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