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Want to Jump Start Your Productivity? First Give Up "Teamwork!" Part III of III

Traditional approach to team building does not work any more, because it is based on management theories developed in the 1930’s by Frederick Taylor - for assembly line workers. This approach sees people as machine-parts and businesses as machines. That’s why, it locks up the true productivity potential of people. As a result, the worker can’t use her inherent talent and creativity in his job.

We have made astounding progress in science and technology in the last few hundred years. In about the same time period, we have regressed from treating a human being as a human being. Not as a machine-part, not an object to exploit, not an unwilling means to achieve our ambitions.

Now there is a proven, better, more effective way to achieve our dreams, our goals and our ambitions – by making people partners in achieving them.

In the last 30 years or so, there has been a new movement that does just that. With this approach, people understand their business, are committed to getting results and are organized into self-contained, multi-functional and customer-focused business units that take full responsibility for making decisions, solving problems and continuously improving the quality of their work.


With this High Performance approach, everyone involved with a particular core process are members of the same team and are empowered with full authority for the success of a whole product, service or major segment of work. Roles and responsibilities are much broader and more meaningful in scope than in a traditional organization.

The team is responsible for setting goals, coordinating and scheduling their work, interfacing with the customer, training, making decisions and problem solving, monitoring quality, and even measuring performance and making hiring and selection decisions.

The role of management changes from that of controlling workers and solving day-to-day problems to being facilitators and coaches. They define outcomes, boundaries, interface with other departments and, in general, insure that the team has the resources, training, information and support they need to carry out the job.

To find our more on High Performance approach to business building, send me an e-mail (bhavesh@ambica.net) with HIGH PERFORMANCE in the subject line. I will send you a Business Strategy Whitepaper called "Practicing High Performance: How Your Business can Reach its Full Potential."

Until then, this is Bhavesh Naik, wishing you a Happy Success.


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