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Is PROFIT a Four-letter Word?

I have often been asked why such a terrible word as “profits” is a part of AMBICA Training’s slogan (“Dramatic Profits, Long-lasting Business”). Those who asked me that question are in for an even bigger surprise. Starting this issue, I am going to further this sinful act of teaching business owners the art and the science of “profit making.”

I am proud to announce that the name of this newsletter has been changed from “Market Intelligence Report” to “Enduring Profits.”

This is probably a good time to lay out some fundamental assumptions behind the content of this newsletter – in the hope that it will help you decide whether to continue to receive this newsletter or not.

To Profit or Not to Profit, That’s the Question

First, it assumes that for a business, "profit" is not a four-letter word. In fact it’s based on a belief that there is nothing honorable about not making profits or losing money. And there is nothing shameful about making healthy profits.

Even the “not-for-profit” organizations need to make profits if they are to survive. In fact, all institutions - business organizations, social organizations, civic organizations, governments, academic institutions - need to make healthy profits if they are to survive and prosper.

It’s strange that such a thing needs to be brought up. After all, we do live in a capitalist country, don’t we? Why is that there is such a stigma about the word profit?

It’s probably because when we hear the word profit, we hear other unspoken words that follow or precede it. Dishonest. Steal. Cheat. Lie. Unethical. Sound familiar?

There is probably some truth to these beliefs. The Enron and WorldComm cases – where millions were cheated out of their lifetime savings - perhaps represent just the tip of the iceberg.

We have seen and experienced untruthful and misleading advertising from businesses. We have known businesses who mistreat, even abuse their employees and still “get away with it.” We “push” our products and services them on people without solving a problem or creating something of value for them. We create a lot of hype and noise to the point where people don’t believe our wild promises and claims.

Yet, this is no reason to believe that making healthy profits, in and of itself, is somehow wrong.

It’s going to be hard to take but I am going to say it any way: if you are running a business that’s not making a healthy, decent profit, you are doing a disservice. You are doing a disservice to yourself, to your employees and customers, to your community, your country, your society, and to the world.

A business exists to CREATE something out of nothing – not to take something and produce nothing out of it. While profit could be a by-product of what your business does, it is vital to make it.

Highly profitable businesses create healthy economy, healthy, prosperous human beings, and vibrant communities and society.

The Higher Way to High Profits

There are ways to create high profits without being scamming people, cheating or being unethical. In fact, the opposite is true. High profits created by such means are not sustainable, nor is the business that makes them. A business based on such foundation will sooner or later crumble.

This newsletter is also based on a belief that are Laws of Business success, just like there is Law of Gravitation or Law of Attraction and Repulsion, that when followed, help us create highly profitable business that are built to last a long, long time.

The Source of High Profits is Also the Reason

The third assumption is that these high profits and endurance come not from machines, capital, etc but from human beings. It’s the ingenuity, creativity, genious and inherent wisdom of human being that makes high profits not only sustainable but also sustainable.

AMBICA Training is in the business of bringing out hidden productivity from human beings and applying it to a business’ top-line and bottom line so that it shows up on their financial statements as profits and assets that keep producing such profits.

Are You the One?

This newsletter brings you PROVEN tools, strategies and techniques for achieving high profits and for building a business that can sustain it over a long, long period of time.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not say that such business can be built over night. While the immediate boost in profits can come from many of the tools we bring, the endurance of such profits and ultimately, the business that can sustain such profits, will take efforts, energy, guts, daring and different level of thinking and acting.

The most important first step to such a business, though, is the courage, the daring to even think that such business is possible for you to build.

If you can believe it, you belong on this newsletter. If you don’t, you don’t.

If you are somewhere in the middle, you will have to make a personal decision as whether or not you want to keep receiving this newsletter.

Whatever your decision, I respect it.

This is Bhavesh Naik, wishing you a Happy Success.


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