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How NOT to Lead, So You Can Truly Lead Part III of III

True Leaders are important, but not nearly as important as their counterparts: True Followers. It takes guts, conviction, compassion and passion to be a True Leader. But it takes much more than that to be a True Follower.

You see, through the last few thousand years, we have been conditioned to play certain roles as followers. Perhaps, this comes from the model of the King and His Subjects. The King takes care of us all. When we have a problem, we take the complaint to the King who makes it right for us.

In True Followership, there is no King - no “system”, no government, no lifetime employment, no guaranteed business or financial success, no “someone out there” – to solve our problems. We don’t depend on such things to succeed. This means that we are truly and totally free - at least in our thoughts, in our minds.

But True Freedom is frightening.


Why? Because as we gain freedom, we lose our sense of comfort and security. As we begin to choose our own destiny, we lose our privilege to complain and blame our problems on someone or something else. As we gain fame and popularity, all our qualities – negative and positive – become a topic of discussion for others. As we gain knowledge and information, we have to face up to the realities of the world and look them in the eye; we can’t ignore them any more. As we gain prestige in the eyes of the others, we also gain the instability and fear of losing it.

That’s why many of us choose to not have the freedom, popularity, knowledge and prestige. And that’s why, most traditional followers will resist the True Leader fiercely. And that’s why, the first challenge of a True Leader is to create True Followers, who really are True Leaders in disguise.

This does not happen overnight. It happens slowly, over days, weeks, months or even years.

True Leader is aware of this. That’s why, while Truly Leading, she stays firmly established in the realities of traditional way of running business.

It’s a fine balance. In truth, you never quite get it right. All that matters is that she is on the right path.

A path to True Leadership.

Here are some ways to transition easily and effortlessly to True Leadership:

- Lead without Authority to Lead. We’ve all heard the complaint, “I am supposed to lead but I don’t have the authority, title or means to lead.” Let me tell you, having to lead without authority is the best way to learn how to Truly Lead. Why? Because when you can’t use FEAR as a weapon – which is what authority gives you – you have to tap your own creativity and come up with more positive ways to inspire and motivate people. These new tools of leadership will become invaluable even when you do get the authority to lead.

- Lead a Volunteer Group. Leading a volunteer group is even more challenging than leading without authority in a corporation. After all, you can’t stop their paycheck, their means for survival, their livelihood if they don’t do what you tell them to do. As you learn to lead without fear as a weapon, the True Leader in you will automatically blossom.

- E-mail me for a list of reading or bibliography that will support creating a culture of True Leadership and True Followership. This list comes with directions on developing the “Sixth Sense” to read material that allows you to discover keys to True Leadership, even while reading the same old, same old “popular press” on leadership.

This is Bhavesh Naik with AMBICA Training, wishing you a Happy Success…


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