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"Our selling approach creates a deep emotional bond with our customers.": True or False (for your business)?

We have been taught a very bad habit in the selling profession. We have been trained to see the prospect as an unemotional, unintelligent automaton.

Because of this, the whole sales training industry has invented “sales moves” that make the sales person look sleazy and slick. And when we make these moves, we hope that the prospect will never see them coming and will easily part with their money.

The truth is that the prospects have caught up with all the moves taught in the sales training seminars. Often they can make those moves much better than the salesperson!

How can you create an emotional bond with your prospects? Simple. Think about everything that a salesperson has done with you and do exactly the opposite!

Also, make sure that you address the emotional side of the prospect’s personality. How? Simple. Ask lot of questions. Nurture a lot. Listen a lot. Talk much less.

And while doing all of this, make sure that you find their emotional reasons to make a change in some area of their life.

Your prospects will not only bond with you but will see you as a trusted advisor and happily part with their money.

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