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"We have an effective set of actions steps - a Marketing and Prospecting System - that we follow consistently to bring in fresh prospects.": True or False (for your business)?

A marketing and selling system is a set of activities and behaviors that you are committed to doing consistently over time.

With such a system:
  • You can accurately forecast and predict your revenues, profits and cash-flow months in advance.
  • You have control over the amount of revenues and sales you generate.
  • Your month-to-month sales and revenues remain consistent so that you can avoid fluctuations in your sales volume.
  • You save time and minimize wasted efforts.
  • You can stay on track to the goals you have set for your business.
  • You can focus your efforts and energies to the end result you expect.
  • You can duplicate what works and eliminate what does not.
  • You can teach the system to new employees, executives, partners and buyers of your business and continue to have the sales results you expect.
  • You can develop your own System by trial and error. Or you can get one from those who experts at such systems.

If you choose to adopt a system that was developed by the experts, just make sure that it allows you to generate sales without making the traditional sales moves - closing, presenting, bait-and-switching - taught in traditional sales seminars.  

Instead, opt for something that allows you to smell, look and sound like a trusted advisor, not a killer salesperson!

Also look for something that allows you to preserve your sense of pride, self-worth and esteem without being a “beggar” in the marketplace.

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